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    It tape is our main product and is produced in two qualities regular and adhesive backed. Its great design makes both it tape products are very useful to have around the house.

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    Welcome to It Tape, your trusted adhesive tape manufacturers in Dundalk. We take pride in being the leading suppliers of high-quality adhesive tapes, offering solutions for DIY tape projects, taping solutions, and home repairs. Whether you require shipping and packaging tapes or are in search of tape manufacturers near you, we are your trusted source. It Tape provides you with direct access to purchase tape solutions, including adhesive tape in Dundalk, right from the manufacturer. Explore our wide range of reliable and versatile tape products, all crafted to meet your taping needs.

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Comes in 5 colours all exactly the same strength. With its innovative design it tape can be opened, reused and resealed many times, and with the unique serrated edge there is no need for scissors or blade. it tape does not lose its integrity when wet. It can bear a weight of up to 5kg.

it tape comes in a handy dispensing unit which makes it easy to store and with the environment in mind we have refills available which can be inserted in the dispensing unit when it is empty.

it tape is proving to be very popular in the office and home to tidy cables and leads, in the garden supporting plants and in the garage and workshop for tidying leads and work tools.

it tape has many uses for the outdoor enthusiast from tidying sleeping bags and ground sheets to securing tent flaps.  Farmers use it on the legs/tails of animals to identify those on antibiotics etc.


Comes in black colour and is ideal for hanging posters or signs and securing rugs or mats to help prevent a trip hazard. Each 35mm x 25mm strip can hold up to .25kg. It is recommended to position the strips evenly on item to be secured.

In the health care sector we have learned of it tape being used to secure walking sticks to chairs to prevent them falling over and to secure medical tubes as it is soft and does not damage delicate tubing.

In a market place abundant with various adhesives, tie and tapes it tape is proving to be a quality product that can not only compete with the market leaders but also out-perform them in relation to durability, practicality and price.